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When the importance of information is crucial, what really matters are the solutions that support the supplies of essential information in your company. It is important to use data in a way that gives a solid business strategy, supports effective management and helps optimize business processes.

The tools that let unlock the substantial value of data are data warehouses, Business Intelligence as well as advanced analytical solutions. The vast possibilities we offer when it comes to creating and developing software meet the needs of information management and activities in the field of business analytics.


  • Telecommunication
  • Finance
  • Retail trade
  • ​Indsutry and services
  • Eelectricity supply industry

What do we offer?

  • Information management, consultations and system architecture modeling
  • Business Intelligence Systems along with rating, planning and implementation
  • Building and launching a data warehouse and a Data Lake repository

Our solutions


Automated platform that identifies violation within the company and leverages data for analytical purposes from many sources. The platform also utilizes advanced algorythms for employee and consumer behavior analysis


System that describes why a customer could potentially resign from a certain company or service provider that was implemented based on statistical models. Most frequently, the system uses such algorithms as: logistic regression, decisive tables, the Naive Bayes Algorithm or artificial neural networks

Next Best Offer – Smart Sale

An intuitive and responsive recommendation platform. It analyzes consumer behavior during the decision journey on early stage of searching for a product

Revenue Assurance

Implementation of a solution that measures revenue and protects the company against financial loss through organizational structure and IT processes analysis

Sales Force Analytics

Supporting the network of sales representatives in a corporation thanks to analyzing sales tendencies on a more general and precise level

Mobile Business Intelligence

Content analysis and reporting on mobile devices – a solution for smartphone and tablet users

Data Integration & Cleansing

The control of information throughout the entire analysis process – from data creation to knowledge sharing, ensuring at the same time information value increase on every stage of its lifecycle
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Dariusz Tarapata

Busniness Unit Director